Making Headlines

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I so appreciated the experienced and comfortable approach to these classes. The instructors were well-prepared, informative, and creative – and their assignments achieved the sought-after goal of getting me to write…something I couldn’t (and still can’t) seem to do on my own.
-Maggie Powell

The writing adventure, the pleasure of creative expression encouraged by excellent professors, honed by professional editors and enhanced by serious classmates via Great Smokies Writing Program at UNCA, offers opportunities like no other program in the WNC area. My voice is only one success story. There are so many!  -Robin Russell Gaiser

I cannot say enough about how critically important those classes have been to me. They enabled me to turn something that I had been trying for years to write into a memoir-based history of the years of my youth. I was finally able to put together a book that I’m proud of. GSWP is a tremendous asset to UNCA and to the entire community. -Bill Slawter

The confidence, direction, and support provided by my experience in the GSWP are 100% responsible for my move into the writing that I believe will be my third chapter, after careers in investment management and teaching. -Ellen Carr

These classes gave me an opportunity to write, get feedback, and generally think about aspects of writing that were new to me. While all the instructors were good, I most appreciated that they all were active writers and not just talking about it. My gratitude to GSWP for making this program available to the Asheville community, enriching the writing community in both quality and numbers. I have gained a greater understanding, respect and love for my own writing as well as the writings of many others I have been exposed to over the years.
-Ron Larsen

These classes offer a myriad of avenues for self-expression with professional instruction that other college communities do not. -Polly B. Davis